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Terms & Conditions

The Yoga Society

Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen

Van Assendelftstraat 10, 2342AS, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands.

Terms & Conditions

Article 1: Nature of the agreement 
You have concluded a contract with The Yoga Society, Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen, Van Assendelftstraat 10, 2342AS, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands. The nature of this agreement is that you hire The Yoga Society to give advice on training, diet and coaching. Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen works as an independent contractor. 

Article 2: Pricing and payment 
You acknowledge and agree that this agreement with Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen is not transferable or assignable. You acknowledge that payment is required in advance for participation in the programs and actual training. Trainings and programs should be paid in advance. Payments made are not refundable. You understand that this agreement and the terms contained in it apply to the agreed plan and any other purchase of services in the future. You acknowledge that the specific exemption from liability, adoption and approval of this agreement shall remain valid indefinitely. No refund will be granted for courses and / or programs that are not completed. You understand that Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen has the right and the power to terminate the program and courses at any time without refund if you do not follow the program or you do not behave in an appropriate manner. 

Article 3: Cancellation or lateness 
You acknowledge that the appointments are reserved and cancellations must be notified 24 hours in advance. Cancellations due to travel must be reported 2 weeks in advance. Cancellations must be made at the phone number of the Personal Trainer. You understand that you do not receive a refund for appointments missed. It is your responsibility to attend appointments with your trainer as planned. 
You understand that the appointments will begin and end exactly at the scheduled time and place. You hereby acknowledge that delays in starting a scheduled appointment is no reason to extend service provided outside the remainder of the scheduled time. You understand that your training will be canceled if you are late more than 15 minutes and this training will be charged. You acknowledge that a delay of a scheduled appointment can not change to a different status than a full workout. You understand that no half workouts are given due to any delays. 

Article 4: Liability 
It is known to you that you signed up for personal training sessions with strenuous activities, including, but not limited to, (body)weight lifting, walking, boxing, relaxation exercises and the use of various training equipment and facilities that are designed, offered or recommended by Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen. 
You hereby acknowledge that you are in good physical and mental condition and that you are not suffering from a condition that could limit your participation in such activities. With a view to participating in the personal training sessions and coaching you hereby absolve Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen from all claims or demands arising from your participation in the personal training sessions and coaching, or any use of the facilities, fitness or training equipment. 
It is clear to you that you may suffer any injury as a result of the personal training sessions and hereby absolve Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen from any liability, now and / or in the future. This includes medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering that can result from heart attacks, muscle strain or – cracks, fractures, fibula fractures, heat stress, injury to the knee, lower back and other diseases, discomfort or injury, regardless of how they are produced, during or after your participation in the personal training sessions or the use of the fitness and training equipment, regardless of the error. 
It is possible that some changes occur during training and / or testing. These include abnormal blood pressure, vomiting, fainting, irregular, fast or slow heart rate and in exceptional cases, heart attack, stroke or death. You understand that every effort will be made to minimize these risks by evaluating the preliminary information regarding your health and fitness and by observing during the test and training. 
You understand that the information you have may influence on your health status or previous experience unusual sensations on physical activity, safety and value of your training, testing and training. You acknowledge that the immediate reporting of unusual sensations is particularly important during exercise testing or training and that you yourself are responsible to fully disclose such information, whether it is requested by Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen who will conduct the test or training. Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen declares to be extremely careful with your personal data. 

Article 5: Special agreements 
You understand that Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen is not responsible for goals not achieved. The agreements made with Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen, concerning nutritional and training advice, are designed to improve your physical health. If the desired result is not achieved then you remain responsible for your own performance. 

I am signing this contract for at least a three month’s program [12 training weeks] [unless differently agreed on in writing with Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen]. The start date will be agreed on at a later time and will be agreed on in writing. 
I know there are costs linked to the program and I know what the total costs are. 
The contract will be automatically extended for 12 weeks without further notice. Should I want to terminate the contract after the initial 12 week period, then I will give my one week’s [7 days] written notice via e-mail. 
If there was agreed upon an end date and there are still training sessions open on that date, then these will be valid up to a maximum of 4 weeks after expiration of the end date. After this period, the open training sessions will be no longer valid. 
10-Session Cards will be valid for a maximum of 3 months. After that period, the credits will expire. 
When I am late or not present at the training, and / or don’t cancel within 24 hours in advance the appointment will be charged as a full training. 
If I am not satisfied with the service I will report it immediately verbally and in writing to Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen. 
Early retirement is possible, yet the amount of the program agreed upon will always be charged. 

Article 6: Other provisions 
All cases and / or situations in which the above regulations do not be foresee, will only be assessed or decided by Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen. 

Article 7: Conformance agreement 
The client confirms by signing this agreement to comply with the house rules made by Melanie van de Graaf-van Iperen, to carry out the instructions and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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