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Private Yoga

Every body and mindset is different. Therefore working 1 on 1 with Private Yoga therefore meets your personal goals much faster than in group lessons. As your private yoga teacher I will help you figure out how to get the most out of your practice. A fun and supportive practice will help you get in balance in your body and your mind.

We at The Yoga Society have a passion for yoga and are happy to share it with people in the Oegstgeest and Leiden area, or virtually beyond. We believe that yoga is a solution for everyone, if you have physical complaints or just want to relax, yoga is good for the body. Discover with us the benefits and relief that some good yoga classes can offer you.

Prenatal Yoga

In addition to regular yoga, we also offer prenatal yoga in Leiden and the surrounding area. During pregnancy yoga you learn to deal with your body and physical strengths. By means of breathing and relaxation exercises you strengthen your muscles and relieve pregnancy ailments. You also prepare your self for the delivery. You can indicate where your preferences go in these pregnancy classes. It is possible to team up with the partner in this and to focus the lessons mainly on massage and relaxation exercises. In addition, it is possible to mainly prepare for delivery by practicing breathing techniques during delivery.

A balanced life

Knowing from my own experience that yoga can be very helpful, especially at certain times in life. When you are busy in your head, or experience stress at work or in your private situation, yoga can ensure that you relax again. On the other hand, yoga can actually ensure that you get more inner energy. Yoga is therefore a good outcome for many complaints and ensures that your body gets back into balance.

The personal approach in our (private) lessons means that everyone has their own plan. This allows you to get the most out of yourself and the lesson every lesson. In this way you will notice an improvement in your inner peace per lesson and an improvement in achieving your goals. Logically, this motivates our participants and we often notice that over time they really learn to embrace their true nature.

As state of minds differ per day you can expect different types of lessons based on different kinds of yoga traditions like for instance Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Ashtanga Vinyasa or Gravity Yoga.

Private Yoga helps you achieve your goals

Yoga in a private setting helps you achieve your goals in a faster way than in group lessons.

  • Do you want to feel more relaxed?
  • Is it your ambition to lose some weight and take better care of yourself?
  • Would you like to build a stronger body?
  • Is an injury bothering you?
  • The quality of your relationships could be improved?
  • Craving for more focus?
  • Do you want to be prepared for giving birth?

Did you answer one of the above questions with yes? Then we can help!

In all above cases you can expect an hour of breathing techniques, meditation and proper physical exercise. As a result your battery is charged and you will enjoy your day resilient and fresh.

We can schedule a weekly, biweekly or monthly lesson.

We will come to you at your home or the office and bring the props needed. Lessons are 60 minutes.

Besides the private (online) lessons we also offer online group lessons

Do you have additional questions about yoga in the Leiden area? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you get the most out of yourself and share our passion for yoga with you with great love. We are also not only focused on private lessons, but also provide lessons for companies and other groups. It is therefore also possible for groups to discuss the possibilities without obligation.

To keep the introduction to the wonderful world of yoga as accessible as possible, we offer a 30-minute free consultation. During this consultation we will look together at what you want to work on and how we think together can best achieve this. Goals are achieved faster with personal lessons; we provide private lessons in the Oegstgeest and Leiden area. The goals we are discussing should not necessarily focus on the yoga practices, but can also be other physical or mental goals. Yoga is the goal to be achieved.


For more information you can check our Pricing page.
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