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Online Yoga Classes

All our services can be booked and held online. We can plan private online yoga classes even when you are traveling for work. There is also a wide range of group lessons. Lessons are given via Zoom and can be booked via our App.

Unlimited online yoga classes

Are you interested in online group lessons? We offer a monthly subscription. With this subscription you can attend all group lessons.

First online group class is on us. Let us know if and when you want to join us and we will send you an invitation with the link to our online class environment by Whatsapp. 

Online Group Yoga Beginners Course

You will learn the basics of Yoga from the comfort of your own home. This course is build up exactly the same as the private lessons version of the beginners course. In the online version you will need to take care of your own materials and I cant help you assist into the poses personally but other than that after 6 lessons you will be feeling confident in any Yoga School. Guaranteed! You can start your Yoga journey with us. For more information you can check our Pricing page.

Yoga styles

The (online) group lessons at The Yoga Society are characterized by customization. Made possible by the small classes. There is a maximum of 10 participants per class. This means that everyone’s needs/goals can be taken into account. Of course, the basis per lesson is in accordance with the yoga style on the schedule, but it is possible that at a Hatha class you end up with a restorative posture. The following Yoga styles are on our schedule:

Hatha Yoga

A static form of yoga where you stay in one pose for about 5 breaths. After a short warm up, there are often some sun salutations. The lesson is further built up from standing postures, balance exercise(s), sitting postures, a breathing exercise and some space for relaxation.

Ashtanga Based Yoga

Every week we offer a 75 minute lesson based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa. A meditation in action lesson. At a decent pace we go through sun salutations, standing postures and sitting postures interspersed with vinyasas. A tough workout on the mat. The lesson is characterized by the structure. You experience the same lesson almost every week. This allows you to immerse yourself in poses and fully get into a meditative flow.

Yin/Restorative Yoga

We also like to call it Pre-sleep Yoga. In this lesson we pay attention to relaxing the connective tissue and seeking deep rest in the body. You stay a little longer in each posture and can therefore easily experienced by participants without Yoga experience. You can quickly enroll in these classes.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasas, singles and sweating guaranteed. At a decent pace you move from breath to breath from one position to another. An outsider will see it as a beautiful dance, On the mat it feels like a fierce workout. It helps if you know some basic yoga poses to keep up with the pace. After class you can face the day full of energy.

Pranayama and Meditation

A quiet class where Yin and Restorative poses are alternated with breathing exercises and concentration exercises. Every now and then we end with a guided meditation. Depending on the wishes of the participants. A wonderful start of your day.

Pregnancy yoga

An hour of time for yourself and your baby. Move on your breath and make conscious contact. A lesson that takes into account the inconveniences of pregnancy, but certainly no less spicy than an average Hatha lesson. In these lessons, customization is also paramount and we take your needs into account. Movement and breathing are central. A basis for good preparation for your birth. We are internationally certified (RPYT) to teach prenatal yoga.

Yoga in the Park

Weather permitting, we organize a Yoga Fusion class in our favorite park in Oegstgeest. We roll out the mats behind the Castle of Endegeest. The class consists of a combination of all Yoga styles that are on the schedule. All members can bring someone with them without obligation.

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