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Jobs come and go, beauty fades and close relationships can change or end. But the benefits of self awareness lasts a lifetime. Our several mindfulness programs that leads to freedom and happiness gives you the tools for living life more consciously and develops the power of attention to realize your true potential.

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The curriculum is inspired on the (Yoga) philosophy that inspires people globally for several centuries.

Mindfulness classes can be booked for individuals or groups. Via internet or in person.

Examples of programs

We developed several 10 week mindfulness programs. Depending on your needs we can find out what program suits you best. Some examples of our programs:

  • Yoga lifestyle rules for more balance and peace in your life
  • Balance your energy before you manage your energy 
  • Burnout prevention program
  • Coping with grief and loss

What can I expect of a mindfulness class?

All programs include an opening round with some time to share past weeks experiences, a connecting exercise, some theory explanation, a very slow paced Yoga class and some homework for next weeks sessions. We love to work with simple challenges to understand behaviour patterns. These experiences we discuss in next weeks session and tools will be provided to maybe change these patterns. All participants receive a book at the beginning of the course with the information we will be discussing in class and some space to reflect and make notes.

The Yoga styles we teach in mindfulness classes can be practiced in normal day to day clothing. You or your employees will not need to change clothes or need a shower after the class. The classes are restorative and meditation based. Unless you want (to offer) a little action as well. We tailor the classes based on your wishes.

We advise 1 and a half hour classes for mindfulness sessions.


95,00 p/hour – Mindfulness (materials needed included)

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