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Massage at home

It is not very uncommon that you receive a short massage during 1 of our private Yoga classes when it appears that a certain part of your body requires it. In addition, we also offer massage sessions that last one hour. Our working method in this respect also remains tailor-made.

Massage bij The Yoga Society

At Yoga we work towards calming the flow of thoughts. This can be achieved with a workout or meditation. For us, a massage treatment is a logical addition to the Yoga practice. During the practice you learn to feel where it is stuck in your body or where there are blockages. A massage offers a solution. Of course you are also welcome to book a massage if you have never followed a Yoga class before.

Tailor-made massages

We combine different massage techniques to help the body relax or to address problem areas. Do you suffer from your lower back? Then we help your back relax by starting the treatment with a Swedish massage. Then we switch to a pressure point massage and a few postures from Thai massage. All with the aim of giving your lower back a little more space. What you need in the moment. If you feel like relaxing for an hour, we can also stick to a classic massage.

A combination of Western and Eastern techniques in which your body and mind are central. So very Yoga.

We like to work with a combination of different techniques. Western techniques that mainly focus on treating the muscles and Eastern techniques that are based on the meridians in the body and the life energy. If you prefer a certain type of massage, we will of course take that into account.

Massage techniques we offer: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pressure point massage, reflex zone massage, facial massage, Chair massage, Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu- and hot stone massage.

At the moment we only offer our services to addresses on the ground floor or with an elevator. The massage table is difficult to lift stairs.

Massage rates

More information about our rates can be found on our prices page.

At the moment we are fully booked. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity for new clients.

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