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Corporate Yoga

Stress can have a serious effect on our mental and physical health. Corporate Yoga & Massage can help your employees taking better care of their mindset and body. A yoga lesson inspires long lasting self-care habits. You can empower employees with knowledge and purpose.


In our Business Yoga program we offer group lessons or individual sessions. We offer online classes and in house trainings. ‘Work from home’ meditations and stress-relieving exercises. Physical classes or mindfulness-only. All is possible based on your particular needs.

In a regular 1 hour Corporate Yoga lesson you can expect a mindful opening with a short meditation technique followed by a breathing exercise. Loosing up the joints and a warmup prepares the bodies for the actual physical exercise. After the hard work is done we always end a class with a restful pose.

What Corporate Yoga style do we need?

For individual classes we can tailor the specific needs to a specific style of Yoga that suits your employee best. 

In group lessons we need a lesson or two to find out what works best for your team. The first lesson we usually teach Hatha Yoga, a static form of Yoga, connecting breath with movement. The second lesson we plan a Yin Yoga session that involves deep stretching, holding poses for a longer period of time. Both sessions are satisfying for both experienced Yogi’s and the newbies  After these sessions we can organise a fusion class practicing different kind of styles of Yoga but in our experience we already found out what kind of styles suits your company best!

The Yoga Society offers classes in all possible Yoga styles, like for instance Raja, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Restorative, Aerial and Gravity Yoga. Based on your preferences we design a program with your preferred Yoga style(s).

Chair massage

In addition to our Corporate Yoga Program we offer Chair Massage for our Corporate Clients. Chair massage is an accessible add-on to a Yoga practice because it allows the Yogi to keep the clothes on and it doesn’t take long to complete the massage. During the practice you learn to feel where it is stuck in your body or where there are blockages. A massage offers a solution. 


95,00 p/hour – Corporate Yoga (materials needed included). 

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