Please note: unfortunately we are no longer accepting new customers. We currently work with a waiting list for private lessons. On Wednesdays you can still participate in the online Yin yoga classes.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in online yoga classes. We will then schedule a 30-minute video or audio call to discuss all questions and options.

Looking forward to meeting you!


The Yoga Society

Van Assendelftstraat 10

2342 AS, Oegstgeest

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 6 18667299

KVK: 76309398


No question is too crazy for us. You can find some answers on our FAQ page. Answers to questions such as “what are the prices?” And “I’ve never practiced yoga and I can’t even sit cross-legged; is yoga something for me? “. But since every body is different, we understand that you also have customization questions. We like to take the time for this. In a short personal conversation, we will discuss questions such as:

  • do you suffer from injuries?
  • how did you find us?
  • is there anything you care about?
  • what can we help you with?

Of course we will explain something about our rates and various ticket strips with lower rates. And if you are enthusiastic about this conversation, we will immediately schedule a first appointment. If you are only interested in online group lessons, you can try a lesson completely free of charge. We can discuss any questions after class or at a later time if you prefer.

Often questions are about Yoga Props (aids such as a bolster, yoga blocks). We have everything you need for a full Yoga experience. We take the props to private lessons. So that you do not have to invest in material immediately. In our online lessons we discuss before the lesson starts which props we will use in that lesson. If you do not have props, we will explain which alternatives you can use (blanket or pillows) or we offer you an alternative position for which you do not need any equipment.

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