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About us: Corporate Yogi

Yoga changed my mindset, awareness and lifestyle; as a result I live a way more balanced life.

Anyone who knows me a little will say that I am ambitious, driven and a goal getter. Not really a typical image for a yogi. But indeed I am always switched on. I am also socially strong, empathetic and warm.

I have always (and still do) been working in the corporate world and understand what moves overachievers.

Balanced life

In my personal life I experienced some serious setbacks resulting in a (self-denied) burnout. I took pride in having just 7 sick days in the most depressing year of my life. And then Yoga came on my path. Yoga changed my mindset, awareness and lifestyle; as a result I live a way more balanced life where there is still space for achieving goals but these days with a more mindful approach being kind to others and especially myself.

The Yoga Society: we adapt our Yoga lessons to you

Yoga is an ancient old method to find silence in yourself and make true connections. With yourself and others. We enjoy servicing this concept with likeminded people.

We offer a wide range of Yoga tools to our clients. From proper physical exercise to guided meditations. All in the comfort of your own home or conveniently in your office. What suits you best! Our home base is Oegstgeest; in the middle of the Randstad.

Everybody has a different body. And this body is different every day. What you need today may be different than what you were needing yesterday.

Are you tired? We feed you with an energetic yoga exercise. Is a particular body part stiff and painful? We will focus on this issue with a slow paced deep stretching session. Something stressful on your mind and haven’t slept for days? Maybe we will do deep restorative session with a guided meditation. Whatever suits you in that moment. That is the great advantage of a private Yoga class or a tailor-made massage at your own home. We adapt our lessons to you.

We will guide you through the endless tools Yoga has to offer all in order to keep you in balance, rested, peaceful, fit and happy.

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Certified by: Yoga Alliance and Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland. 

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