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The Yoga Society

Customized and personal yoga lessons and massages tailored on your body and state of mind of the day. 

Yoga Lessons We Offer

We will guide you through the endless tools Yoga has to offer all in order to keep you in balance, rested, peaceful, fit and happy.

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The Yoga Society stands for customization. Each lesson is prepped on what your body and mind need. We offer personal training sessions in the form of Yoga. We offer many different styles and combine them in your class if necessary. It may therefore be that you are served Yin for an hour, but it may happen we start with Yin, then move on to a Kundalini based training and finally conclude with a guided meditation. All based on your needs at the time.

That’s also how it works with our massages. Depending on your wishes, we combine different forms of massage techniques for the ultimate experience. So you don’t have to choose between a Swedish or an Ayurvedic massage. We change the technique according to your body’s needs. Tailor-made.

In our online group lessons, we naturally adhere to the style for which you have registered. In a group it is difficult to make a tailor-made lesson with all participants. But even then we do everything we can to provide a mini custom experience for every Yogi. And we sometimes achieve this by adding a posture from a different style to the lesson program for a few minutes. We not only use this approach for our personal training sessions and online group lessons; also for our corporate yoga lessons.

Working area

Our working area is the Randstad. We are located in Oegstgeest  a beautiful area right next to Leiden. Therefore we can teach at almost any location in the Randstad. For the private lessons we meet at your home or at work. Whatever suits you best. The group lessons are offered online via Zoom. And when the weather permits, we also like to meet at the beach or in the park. Exercising in nature gives just that extra experience that fits so well with our classes. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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